Policies & Procedures

What to wear & bring:  We believe that modesty is commanded by God.  To learn technique, however, joints and muscles need to be visible to the teacher and student.  We strive to maintain a balance.


  1. Dress Code for all ballet classes:  Pink tights, black leotard, black practice skirt, pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas). Hair in a neat bun or short hair pinned back away from face. 

  2. Dress Code for Jazz & Contemporary classes:  Leggings, yoga pants or sport shorts on bottom; leotard is best on top – tummy should not be showing; may wear shirt over leotard; bare feet. Hair pulled back from face.

  3. Dress Code for Tap classes:  Comfortable clothes you can easily move in. Tap shoes  are required.  Hair should be out of face.

  4. Dress Code for Musical Theater: Clothes that can move and stretch in comfortably.  Jazz or ballet shoes or bare feet.  Hair out of face.

  5. Dress Code for Urban:  Long shorts to the knees or below, shirt that keeps stomach covered, athletic shoes.  Hair should be out of face. 

  6. Dress Code for Beginner Ballet:  Pink tights, black or pink leotard, black or pink practice skirt, black or pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas)

  7. Stud earrings or necklaces are allowed as long as they do not hinder dancing. 

  8. Students should arrive early to studio in their dance clothes. Please cover up with pants/shirt/dress as you enter & leave the studio.  

  9. Bring a labeled water bottle to each class to keep hydrated.  NO water fountain.

  10. Students should be prepared to begin class on time to show respect to your teachers.  Place personal belongings in cubbies in hallway and use restroom if necessary.


Rules of class and studio space: 

  1. Don’t touch mirrors or windows and don’t hang on bars.  Please don’t touch any of the studio's props, costumes, speakers, trophies or anything else in the studios. Respect their studio.

  2. Be respectful to teachers, no speaking in class and raise hand if you have a question.

  3. Please have respect for our rental Studio and clean up after yourself; as they allow us to use their facility which we are extremely grateful.

  4. Parents are allowed to stay and watch through the windows. Or may stay in the lobby waiting room. Or leave and come back.  If a parent leaves, please arrive back in a timely manner.

  5. The lobby waiting area is available for students, parents and siblings.  Please stay out of all other rooms.  Please don’t touch trophies or other studio's items. Respect the rented Dance studio.  A bathroom is available, please help keep it clean.


Discipline & participation: 

  1. If a dancer is not obeying, she/he will be quietly addressed. If the behavior persists, the child will be asked to sit on the side for the rest of that class with their parent, or alone if the parent isn’t present. If the dancer has trouble again, the teacher will talk to the parent and dancer together.  If the child still cannot obey, she or he will be asked to leave the class for the rest of the semester.

  2. If a dancer voluntarily sits out of a class activity and is healthy and capable of performing said activity, they are not allowed to return to class after said activity is completed.  There are many legitimate reasons for sitting, and we understand that, but we also want to make sure that participation isn’t optional.


Joy of Dance beliefs: 

Our studio professes belief in Jesus Christ and the things we do reflects that belief.Although you are not required to agree with our beliefs, we ask that you respect them.Teachers may choose to begin class with prayer, talk about God and the Bible, and use Christian music.And each class will end with, “Thank you, teacher; thank you, Jesus.” We ask that all conflicts be addressed by the principles set out in Matthew 18:15-17.



  1. We perform a few times a year.  Our winter and spring recitals are performed at local nursing homes.  Our Family and Friends Show performance is at the end of the year. 

  2. Each class will have a recital costume for the recitals at the end of the year.  Our goal as a studio is to have costumes that glorify God.  We strive hard to keep the cost to a minimum, approximately $75 a costume. 

  3. When visiting nursing homes, students are welcome to bring gifts, cards, sugar free candy, etc. for the nursing home residents.

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