We take our dance "On the Road."

June 5, 2020 we presented "Parables" as our Final Show to a limited audience due to COVID-19.

May 2019, Our theme was Creation!  Each of our classes is a part of one of the seven first days.  With Urban dance, teeny Baby Ballerinas, Musical Theater class, and Women's Worshipful Dance, this will be varied and creative!  We shared Creation at Solstice Retirement, Collinwood Nursing Home, and with friends and family at Grace Church Frisco.


In December, 2018, we shared all of our Incarnation Dances at nursing homes.  We gave our Monday dances to Arbor Hills Memory Care, and our Tuesday dances to Collinwood Nursing Home.  The Ministry Team visited Prairie Estates Nursing Home also. 



At Grace Church Frisco on April 20th, 2018 at 7pm we danced Passover Us - a dance program explaining the meaning and application of God's acts thousands of years ago in Egypt.  65 dancers from age 3 to 18 demonstrated through ballet and urban with some live music what God did and how we are still enslaved to sin today, but by the blood of the Lamb, death can pass over us as well.  We danced this program at Cottonwood Retirement as well.  In December and February we danced at Collinwood Nursing home, presenting both Passover Us, and Love.


Last year, Joy of Dance presented "Worship", a show about worshiping God through all circumstances and emotions.  We visited Collinwood Nursing Home in December and Cottonwood Retirement Home in April, 2017.  On April 21, 2017, we had our Friends and Family Show at Grace Church Frisco.  


Spring 2016, Joy of Dance presented "Names of God".  With Urban/Musical Theater acting as the struggles we face daily, we realize that we need the Lord constantly and that every aspect of His character is worth pondering.  We don't have to live in regret or despair, our name can be "child of the One True King!"  In 2015, Joy of Dance presented "The Gospel in Color".  Each level of ballet as well as urban dance contributed a part of the story of what Jesus means to the world and how to respond.  Each year we perform our show complete with backgrounds, costumes, and drama, to nursing homes, Buckner Family Ministries, neighborhoods and for friends and family.




The Joy of Dance studio values dance in three different formats: between the dancer and the Lord, between dancers working together, and between dancers and an audience.  The skills we learn in class are already valuable, given the right attitude.  Putting pieces together as a class is gratifying, exciting, and an end in itself.  Presenting that to an audience can be wonderful too if handled well. 




On the Road is our tour of nursing homes and sites where people are in need of ministry.  This provides the third format of dance while avoiding huge costs and the temptation to become self-glorifying.  It makes our dance a gift!  It is another way our studio is different.  On various dates at the end of the spring semester, classes meet off-site and offer our dances, in full costume, as our ministry.  At the end of the fall semester, we visit nursing homes. To finish up, we dance with stage, lights, and audience to our friends and family.  With the preparation, the dancers are ready to really glorify the Lord and share what they've learned to bless others.




Not only does dance ministry fit our goals, it lowers our budget!  Usually, studios need to charge a lot to cover the rent for recital facilities.  Because we present to parents and friends at the studio and then take our dances On the Road, we have nearly no recital fee.  We don't miss out on the special outfits either.  Rather than making a profit off of our recital costumes, we work hard to keep the total down.  Plan on approximately $75 total.











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