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Beginner Ballet taught by Miss Sarah 

  • Ages: 4 years to 8 years old
  • This 45 minute class is an introduction to ballet and created to nurture budding ballerinas while showing them the joys of dancing for the Lord. Each week we have different imaginative themes, such as "gardening", "princesses", and "the farm". Along with a variety of music and props, the dancers will have fun while developing real dance skills.  Students will learn spatial and body awareness, listening skills, and leadership. Even little girls can develop self-control and present it to God.



Cecchetti Grade One Ballet  taught by Miss Sarah 

  • Ages: 7 years and up 
  • Enrico Cecchetti was one of the best ballet teachers the world has known, and this class uses his lesson plans and technique. Students learn barre, center exercises, basic movements, adage, turns, allegro, chains of steps, and French terminology. Dancers with a foundation in Cecchetti will have greater technical awareness and self-control.  Each year, if the dancer wants to move up a level, she may participate in a region-wide testing in the summer. 


Cecchetti Grade Two, Three, and Four Ballet  taught by Miss Dayna

  • Ages: 9 years and up 
  • These classes are a continuation of the Cecchetti curriculum. Building on their ability and knowledge, students will advance their technique in barre, center exercises, basic movements, adage, turns, allegro, chains of steps, and French terminology.  Dayna is an experienced and incredible teacher, whose ballet programs have produced professional level dancers all over the world. As dancers advance and strengthen, the possibility of Pointe is available. The Grade 3/4 is a 75 minute class.


Contemporary Dance  taught by Miss Ema

  • Ages: 9 years and up.
  • This style of expressive dance combines elements of several genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and contemporary ballet. In this class, students will learn to express emotions and feelings while exploring the total movement potential of the body. Stepping outside the traditional standards of ballet gives dancers more freedom for expression and creativity for sharing the gospel message.

 Jazz  taught by Miss Ema

  • Ages: 9 years and up.  
  • Dancers will be taught how to engage in worship through dance and bring joy, peace, and love to any environment. This class helps build muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, poise and grace through combinations and floor routines involving the entire body. Jazz is a fun style which captures the attention of any audience, and thus, is the perfect vehicle for sharing God's Truth. 


Urban for Boys and Girls taught by Aaron and Abby Rose

  • Ages: 7 years and up

  • This class includes both Urban Dance and Musical Theater. Street dance is an incredibly entertaining form of dance that is being used to reach thousands of people for Christ.  Use of music that not only preaches the gospel, but draws the believer into fellowship.  Students learn to pop, lock, mime, and move creatively.  Dancers perform combinations which incorporate athleticism and style to music that glorifies the Lord.  ​

Summer Camps are listed on the Joy of Dance Camp page.





Baby Ballet taught by Miss Alison

  • Ages: 2 years to 4 years old
  • These  teeny dancers will be stretching, rhyming, moving, and playing while learning to follow directions. Brain development is incredible at this stage of life, and exposure to movement and rhythm makes a huge difference not only in coordination, but in cognitive, auditory, and social skills as well.   Each week will have a different theme and movement focus.  Their brains are little sponges, so we will memorize four verses total, hopefully hiding them deep!  I love to work with this age group and am excited for this mini-opportunity for them to dance for God!  This class runs only a few months and will be offered in the spring beginning in February.

Ballet/ Creative Movement  taught by Miss Sarah

  • Ages: 6 years to 12 years old

  • This 45 minute class includes both ballet and creative movement.  Dance is one way of expressing feelings and thoughts through motion.  In this class, students will learn to understand their bodies and how to dance with the music, spatial awareness, and storytelling.  Along with a variety of music and props, the dancers will have an opportunity to use their own ideas and creativity to choreograph stories and combinations.  Ballet/ Creative Movement is a fabulous way for students to use their imaginations and bodies for the Lord.

Christ-Focused Yoga taught by Cheryl Callon

  • Ages: primarily adult, but any age

  • So you think yoga is just that Hindu thing? So did I, until God started bringing wonderful Christians across my path who teach the practices of yoga within a Christian mindset. Cheryl Callon is a precious believer, friend and certified yoga instructor who will teach in a way that will help believers strengthen their relationship with the Lord.  She is the wife of a DTS graduate and has given much thought as to how yoga (which simply means “union” or “yoke”) can be used in a believer’s life to cultivate prayer and meditation upon God’s word. She believes that regulating the breath while praying is a naturally helpful way of connecting the body, the mind, heart and soul together so that one can focus their attention completely on God. The asanas (postures) of yoga help the individual to develop body awareness and improve their health and well-being. In our current Christian culture we have lost just how important the body is and how what we do with it does influence all the aspects of our being, thinking and behavior. Yoga offers tools that we can use as believers to involve our bodies in a connective experience with worshiping God. Taking care of the body through mindful stretching, strengthening and conditioning demonstrates our sense of stewardship over the bodies God has given us which we need to serve and love others. Each class features a verse or a theme, such as prayer.  Men and women are invited to come get strengthened and focused!  Not offered this year.


Lyrical Dance  taught by Miss Ema

  • Ages: 6 years and up with ballet experience
  • Lyrical dancing is based on ballet and jazz, and specifically performed to music with lyrics.  The words are the inspiration for movements which, together, express strong feelings and emotions from the song.  We will be dancing to songs that praise the Lord and express what it is like to know Him.  The style concentrates more on individual expressiveness than tightly controlled choreography, and is a deep and powerful form of worship.  It is lovely prayer in motion.


Musical Theater  taught by Miss Alison

  • Ages: 6 years and up 
  • What is more joyful than a musical (the happy ones, I mean)?  Musical theater is an entertaining venue that can engage an audience like no other, and historically, the dancing is amazing.  This class will go beyond simple chorus steps and truly use technique and skill to illustrate some of the great American musical songs.  This class is perfect for those interested in plays or who just love to perform.


Women's Worshipful Dance  taught by Miss Alison and Miss Cheryl

  • Ages: 15 years and up.  
  • This is where the Joy of Dance started.  Being able to dance to music is such a gift - the one thing that I really had to mourn during my year of paralysis.  I believe that everyone with a body should be able to use it to praise God and enjoy Him!  With carefully divided time, we'll learn formal ballet barre, a worship combination, and an extended stretch cool down to music.  I can't think of a better way to spend an hour and some.  You'll go home lifted up and refreshed.  



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